Viral Skin diseases

Viral Skin diseases

Many viral diseases present with cutaneous lesions.

Viral exanthemas ( any eruption of skin accompanied by inflammations) & enanthemas (eruption of mucous membrane)  are common.

Viral skin infections are also present as bullous lesions as well as growths.

Viral exanthemas

Measles ,


Scarlet fever,

chicken pox etc.


Herpetic gingivostomatitis


Hand-foot-and-mouth disease

Bullous lesions :

HSV : Type -1 : herpes labialis

Type -2 : Herpes progenitalis / Genital herpes

Varicella Zoster : Chicken pox , Herpes zoster

Coxsackievirus : Hand-foot-and mouth disease

Growth lesions ;

HPV : Verruca / viral wart : (verruca vulgaris, verruca plana ,filiform wart, plantar wart, condyloma acuminata/ genital wart , per anal wart )

Molluscum contagiosum : (umbilicated pearly papules)