Myth &  Facts

× General people think that there are few skin diseases!

But actually there are more than 2500 skin diseases !

× Sour (acid) food items delay wound healing !

Rather Vitamine -C containing  sour foods enhancing wound healing.

× When there is any skin diseases  patients  usually ban all allergic foods !

All considered foods are not allergic. Nutritional deficiencies may occur which delay to cure the skin problems

× Sudden appearance of blistering skin lesions suggesting ‘Bad Air’ contact by ‘Jeen’!

Actually this disease is caused by virus called Herpes zoster with scarring

× Use of Herbal medications in skin diseases is safe forever !

Many times herbal applications causing contact dermatitis and dissemination of infections rather than remedy!

Unhygienic condition & crude form of extract may be responsible for it!

×Hairs are taken up by Insects suddenly!

Actually the disease is due to autoimmune phenomenon called Alopecia Areata

× Use of curd  over scalp – reduce the hair fall !

Hairs become more weak if curd reaches up to hair roots.

× Frequent Shaving of scalp reduce skin problem there !

Scalp psoriasis is aggravated by more shaving or scratching

× In case of children the hairs are not allowed to grow long as because the hairs eat up all nutrition !

This misconception is prevailing in the rural community mostly

Hair plucking cause more thickening of hairs !

Wrong conception.

× More Shaving of hairs causing more regrowth of them !

Shaving never stimulates for hair growth

× Hair oils necessary for regrowth of hairs !

There is no role of oil hair , sometime aggravate many skin diseases like acne

× When there is Acne it should be removed manually for cure

Manual pricking frequently result Acne excoriata with infection & post inflammatory hyper pigmentation

× Turmeric fairs the skin during daytime use !

Since the turmeric is a photo sensitising agent it may affects the skin more to dark.

× Mole or melanocytic nevus present since birth should not be removed—-chance of developing cancer!

Chance of malignancy more rather if it is not removed—-malignant melanoma.

Skin diseases may be improved by using plant roots, Tabiz, rings etc. !

No role & unscientific

× Laser therapy of the skin may cause skin Cancer !

Laser is very safe for all skin types ! Sometime skin cancer treatment is done successfully with co2 Laser

× Keloid can be removed by surgery alone !

Only surgical excision  is not recommended rather contraindicated

× Vitiligo is always a familial disease !

Only 30% vitiligo may run to the families

× Vitiligo is a curse & It is not curable !

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease and can be treated successfully in early stage and can be controled in many cases

× Milk / sour foods are harmful for Vitiligo !

Vitiligo may be aggravated if there is nutritional deficiency

× Most of the skin diseases are contagious !

Most of the skin diseases are non-contagious.

× Skin diseases are not curable !

Most of the skin diseases are curable if diagnosed & managed properly.

× Many people think that Homeopathic medicines have no side effects!

× Homeo physicians always try to convince the patients in such a way that skin diseases will be aggravated after medication and will cure in the long run!

× Tolerate everything & wait until cure! Many times developed Squamous Cell Carcinoma and aggravating the existing skin conditions

 Practically these are hopeless for the remedy!

Please be careful

Use of Topical steroids

Should not be used in infection-( like Bacterial, viral, fungal)

Restriction of use in thin skin (Intertriginous areas), face,scrotum etc.

Excessive steroid use may lead to Cushing syndrome and even Diabetes!

Acne altered due to with drawl effect of Betnovate cream

Excessive topical steroid application resulting Cushing syndrome!

Rosacea aggravated from using topical steroid

Systemic steroid is contraindicated in psoriasis patient

On administration of systemic steroid in psoriasis patient – a magic improvement may occur for the time being,

but severe generalised psoriasis will develop after withdrawal of the drug !

Antibiotic is life saving

Indiscriminate use of antibiotic resulting drug reaction as well as drug resistance in our community.

To find out Chemical or Antibiotic allergy prick test should be done:


Many differential diagnoses need to be considered for skin diseases.

So correct diagnosis, proper treatment, follow up advices for prevention may take the patient for the remission of many skin problems.

Today’s our slogan will be

Take either proper treatment or no treatment but never get maltreated by any one.