Present Research work

Present research work:

1. Biochemical Changes of Oral Isotretinoin Therapy in Acne Patients of Bangladeshi population

2.Safety and Efficacy of Low dose Cyclosporin in the Treatment of Prurigo nodularis in Bangladeshi population.

3..Combination use of Intralesional  Steroid with 5-Flurourcil in the treatment of Keloid

4.Roxithromycine in Acne

5.Successful treatment of Vaginal Lymphangioma circumscripta by sclerotherapy

6.Removal of Pyogenic granuloma by sclerotherapy

7.Study of Dermaroller therapy in androgenic alopecia

8..Study of PRP in androgenic alopecia

9.. Efficacy of Intralesional 5-FU in the treatment of Planter warts

10.Lipoma excision by simple incision and sqising method

11.Role of short course of systemic steroid in burn management

12. Mucocele/ Hemangioma by sclerotheraepy

13.Acetretin in Lichen Planus

14..Acetretin in Prurigo nodularis

15.Role of pregabalin in prurigo nodularis

16.Efficacy of 20% KOH in the treatment of verruca plans

17.Role of low dose Isotretinoin in skin rejuvenation

18..Role of 70% TCA / Podophylin in Genital wart

19.Role of Oral Ursodeoxycholic acid in the treatment of viral warts (Tab.Ursochol150mg 1+0+1 for 3 months

20.Role of Dermaroller in alopecia areata

21.LipomaCosmetic Surgical removal of Lipoma by squising technique